Window Styles in Lakeland FL

Window styles can impact not only your home’s appearance but also its energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to replace one or all your windows, choosing the right style is crucial.

Look for a company with years of local experience. They’ll understand Lakeland’s climate and help you make a wise choice.

Box Bay Window

The Box Bay window is one of the more budget-friendly options. While it is less suited for window seats and reading nooks than the Canted Bay and Oriel options, it is still a beautiful addition to any home.

These specialty windows angle out from your home at 30- or 45-degrees and can incorporate fixed, double-hung, casement, or awning windows. They create large views, a cozy seating area, or a breakfast nook and let in lots of natural light. They may also increase your home’s resale value and add a lot of character. However, they are prone to energy loss. So, they should always be installed with energy-efficient solutions.

Bow Bay Window

Generally, bow windows have four or more window openings in a curved arrangement. They offer a larger space for a dining or reading nook and provide a grander view of the outdoors while letting in more sunlight.

Like bay windows, they add a focal point to your home and can make it feel more expansive. They also provide a good source of natural light and are a beautiful feature in any home.

A curved sill is perfect for displaying flowers or plants that need plenty of sun to thrive. You can hang curtains using a curved rod or mount shutters to create a cohesive look.

Oriel Bay Window

The oriel bay window rests atop corbels to add a dramatic flair to upper floor rooms of buildings. It is best suited for Tudor or Gothic Revival styles of architecture. This style of bay window offers a softer rounded appearance to break the monotony of straight lines, making it perfect for home libraries.

IQ Glass can offer clad-wood oriel windows, which combine wood interiors with a protective exterior cladding for energy efficiency and durability against Florida’s humid weather. This creates a sleek appearance that is both modern and timeless. The IQ Glass team can advise on the specification needed for this type of oriel bay window to be built.

Walk-Out Bay Window

Bay windows are an elegant addition to your home. Whether they’re installed in a living room, bedroom or kitchen, Florida bay window can transform the space with their unique look and create a cozy reading nook.

A box bay window has a flat front window, flanked by two side windows at different angles. This gives the structure a angular appearance and offers more options for adding a seating area or storage space.

This style easily combines classic design with contemporary window ideas and is ideal for those who want to enjoy Lakeland’s growing population and diverse natural beauty through a broader lens. They can also bring in more sunlight, boosting a home’s energy efficiency.

Vinyl Casement Window

New casement windows maximize light, frame enviable vistas, and add to your home’s architectural highlight. They also come with some practical advantages such as easy ventilation and increased energy efficiency.

Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t require sanding or re-staining to maintain its look and resist moisture. It’s a durable material that’s ideal for window frames that are exposed to weather, dust and dirt.

Hinged and cranking open like doors, casement windows offer unobstructed views and ample ventilation. They also provide more security since they’re difficult to break in through, especially when locked. Choose from a variety of color choices, hardware styles and finishes to perfectly match your design vision.

Wooden Casement Window

Timber framed windows offer a sense of classic elegance to any property. They are also one of the most energy efficient window options.

Softwood and hardwood casement timber windows are available in a range of styles including sash hung, lipped, shaped and heritage. With a key lockable latch, friction stays and bulb seals to prevent weather damage they provide security and insulation.

Unlike sliding sash windows, casement windows open by crank mechanism and allow for superior views with less obstruction. They are also easier to clean and create an airtight seal that improves energy efficiency. They can be customised with a wide selection of grilles, finishes and hardware.