Energy Efficient Entry Doors for Homes in Lakeland FL

Entry doors Lakeland FL

The front door of your home says a lot about the house. A beautiful entry door enhances curb appeal and increases security. It can also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Morgan Exteriors offers front doors that meet the needs of Florida homeowners. They look good, provide meaningful insulation and are durable against the Florida sun.

Screened Entry

A screened entryway is the perfect solution for Florida homeowners. During the prime time of the year, Floridians love to let a cool breeze in and enjoy the odors and smells of the outdoors without having mosquitoes, flies, spiders and other insects invade their home.

Keeping your front vestibule screened not only adds beauty, it also keeps lizards, house flies, hornets and other daytime pests from making their way into the home. It also eliminates landscape debris like blown grass cuttings and pet messes that get tracked inside.

The doors at your Lakeland FL, home play a huge role in curb appeal, energy efficiency and security. When it’s time to replace the exterior doors at your home, you can trust Morgan Exteriors for expertly crafted door systems that deliver on all counts. We offer a wide selection of exterior and interior doors from the best manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for new French doors, a simple front entryway or something more upscale, we have what you need to add instant curb appeal and enhance the security of your home.

Steel Entry

A steel front door is sturdy, one of the most energy efficient front doors available and doesn’t swell or warp in extreme weather conditions. It’s also a less expensive option than fiberglass. Steel front doors come in a range of sizes, and for an additional cost, can be custom sized to fit your entryway.

Unlike the traditional metal front doors of the past, modern steel doors showcase sleek designs that boost curb appeal season after season and are easy to maintain. Moreover, the skins of these doors are available in wood-textured looks and smooth finishes to complement your home. Legacy Steel doors offer professional class strength with a full steel-edge perimeter and reinforced lock area to enhance security. This door also features a foam fill to reduce the conductivity of cold and heat, so your home will stay comfortable year-round. It is also fire-rated for use in commercial applications.

Fiberglass Entry

Buyers and builders often prioritize aesthetics when choosing the material for their entry door, but this isn’t the only factor to consider. Some materials are better suited to specific climates, and each offers unique benefits. For example, wood doors are classic and attractive, but they can rot, warp, or attract moisture.

Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, are long-lasting and resistant to rot and warping. They can also be customized to mimic the look of wood, and they wipe clean for easy maintenance. ENERGY STAR-certified fiberglass doors prevent heat loss and gain to minimize energy costs and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Manufacturers have gotten so good at crafting fiberglass doors that you could swing one open and close it without realizing you weren’t handling solid oak, pine, or mahogany. However, it’s important to note that if you choose a textured door, changing the appearance of the surface after installation can void the warranty. For this reason, it’s best to order a fiberglass door factory finished.

French Entry

The entryway of your home plays an important role in curb appeal, energy efficiency and security. Make it stand out with stylish, durable doors that match your aesthetic and function perfectly for each space.

Exterior French doors provide truly distinctive visual character while adding tons of natural light to your living areas. They also offer wide openings that are easy to move furniture through as needed.

If you’re ready to reinvigorate the look of your home with beautiful, functional exterior doors that enhance your quality of life, contact Morgan Exteriors today for our door replacement services. We’re proud to work with homeowners throughout the area to deliver custom-crafted exterior and interior doors. They’re designed to exceed the demands of Florida weather and provide years of reliable performance.