Custom Doors for Your Lakeland Home

Custom doors Lakeland FL

Your home’s doors are a critical component of your security, curb appeal and energy efficiency. If your exterior or interior doors are outdated, you may need a new custom door installed.

Replacing your old, outdated front or back doors will offer numerous benefits, including enhanced security, a facelift to your home’s appearance and improved energy efficiency. Morgan Exteriors has 120+ years of industry experience and is pleased to provide homeowners in the Orlando, Florida, area with top-notch exterior doors.

Front Entry Doors

Your doors need to do more than look good and protect your home from intruders; they must withstand the elements and help you save on heating and cooling costs. If your doors are falling short of your expectations, contact Morgan Exteriors to have a professional install new custom front entry doors that will give your home an attractive architectural character and meaningful insulation. They will also install sliding patio doors that will glide smoothly long into the future and French doors that add a distinctive visual element while providing extra-wide openings for moving furniture. They can be customized with your choice of color, style, decorative glass and sidelites.

Sliding Patio Doors

Whether your door is an exterior entrance or a functional access to your patio, pool or garden, doors add design appeal and functionality to any home. Patio doors come in a wide selection of types and styles to complement any architectural style. They are easy to operate and offer large panes of glass for unobstructed views. They also help to reduce heating and cooling costs and protect against the damaging effects of coastal weather.

Choose sliding patio doors that slide open and closed for a sleek look. They allow you to create an outdoor room that blends with adjoining indoor living areas for lounging, dining and entertaining. Custom Window Systems’ WindPact Plus french doors are a unique combination of energy efficiency and structural integrity, designed to last a lifetime.

French Doors

As a Central Florida hub for relaxation and commerce, your Lakeland home deserves to reach its full potential. Doors that aren’t well-built or properly installed can cause a host of problems, from compromising your home’s security to raising energy bills.

Whether you’re looking to protect your home from hurricanes, intruders or high energy bills, Morgan Exteriors can help you choose and install French doors that perfectly balance beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. They also offer an extra-wide opening to move furniture and other items through as needed. And, their paintable surface makes them easy to customize or update. They’ll also save you money on your energy bill and improve your home’s curb appeal. Depending on the size and complexity of the door, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a day.

Entry Door Hardware

Doors need to be tough enough against the elements and must complement the aesthetic of your home. But they also need to function well so that your family stays safe and comfortable. Door dealers and installers can help you select the right doors for your home and install them so they operate smoothly. They can even handle repairs and replacements of door hardware, like locks, weather stripping, levers and knobs. They can also offer commercial wood and hollow metal doors, frames, architectural hardware, custom fabrication, regional commercial installation, and national delivery and pick up.