Window Styles in Lakeland FL

Window styles Lakeland FL

Window styles Lakeland FL can impact not only the appearance of a home, but also energy efficiency and safety. Florida’s subtropical climate requires windows that can withstand strong storms and structural pressure.

Double-hung windows are the most popular style among homeowners. They feature two moveable sashes that can slide up and down, providing fresh air.


A double-hung window consists of two operable sashes that can move up and down. They’re commonly found in homes that lean toward a traditional or colonial aesthetic. The sashes slide in their frame and are held in place by counterweights or springs. They offer good ventilation and can fit window air conditioners well.

They’re also easier to clean than single-hung windows since both the upper and lower sashes can tilt inward. This feature makes them suitable for a room that needs ventilation but is high up and hard to reach.

Today’s new double-hung windows offer a wide range of grid configurations to suit your style and decor. From a simple no-grid option to a six-over-six or double prairie, the possibilities are endless. They also meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Their steel-reinforced frames provide strength and durability and can protect your home during harsh Florida storms. They can even be upgraded to impact-resistant glass if needed.


When it comes to window styles, single hung windows are a classic in homes across the country. They feature one moveable sash, which allows them to open vertically to control airflow and provide sunlight. They are available in a variety of shapes, finishes, and trims to match your home’s aesthetic.

While single hung windows offer a sleek and simple appearance, they are also a great option for energy efficiency. They have a low profile and don’t require space for opening, which can help lower your heating and cooling bills and make your home more comfortable.

With high-quality vinyl windows from Florida Window and Door Solutions, you can rest assured that your new single hung windows are ENERGY STAR rated. Their dual-pane construction and low-E coatings ensure that they are durable, long-lasting, and highly energy efficient. Plus, they’re easy to clean because the sashes can be tilted inward for better access.


Using a crank handle, casement windows (also known as crank windows) hinge on either the left or right side and open outward with a wide opening. They’re a great choice for hard-to-reach areas like over sinks or counters. Since they don’t have grilles or muntins, they also offer unobstructed views and optimal sunlight flow.

They also provide improved security, as locks are embedded within the window frame. They’re a good option for a home that needs additional protection from bad weather and intruders.

These windows seal tightly, so they help homeowners reduce their energy bills by keeping cold air out and warm air in during the winter and summer. They’re also easy to clean because they don’t require a ladder.


Essentially, this type of window consists of slats of glass or acrylic that open and close with a crank to control air flow. It’s a common choice for coastal homes in warm weather environments. The slats resemble a windowed version of Venetian blinds, letting in light and preserving privacy.

Jalousie windows grew in popularity from the 1940s through the 1960s until air conditioning became mainstream and this style lost favor. They may still be found in older homes or historical cusp and bungalow styles.

It’s recommended that you hire a licensed contractor to install your jalousie windows because this project is more involved than you might think. You’ll have to frame the area and possibly cut a hole in your wall to install the new window if there isn’t an existing opening. It’s also one of the easiest windows to break into because burglars can simply pry up metal tabs to enter the house. It’s a good idea to use tempered glass because it is stronger and less likely to break.