Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows Lakeland FL

Investing in new double pane windows is one of the best home improvements that you can make. They’re not only energy efficient, but also provide a wide variety of other benefits.

Double pane windows in Lakeland FL are composed of two separate panes of glass separated by a small air space or noble gas. These windows offer more insulation from noises and hot and cold temperatures.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Replacing windows is one of the best return-on-investment home improvements. It is especially true if you opt for energy-efficient double pane windows. These windows use multiple panes of glass with a low-emissivity coating that blocks UV and infrared rays, while still allowing visible light to pass through.

This reflects heat away from the window, keeping your house cooler during the summer. The gap between the two panes is also filled with argon gas, which helps prevent the transfer of warm air from inside to outside.

Another benefit of double pane windows is their ability to lower homeowners insurance premiums. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, consider choosing impact windows that are designed with high wind-speed resistance in mind. These windows will reduce damage to your property during these events. They are also able to keep out the impact of debris. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Lower Noise Pollution

In addition to reducing energy costs, Double pane windows also reduce outside noise pollution. This can be a great benefit for homeowners living in urban areas or near busy roads. Double-pane windows, along with weather stripping and added insulation, help keep the noise out of your home.

In many cases, you can further reduce outside noises by using glass options such as tempered glass and laminated window glass. Tempered glass is designed to break into small granular chunks, making it less likely to cause injury if broken, while laminated window glass has a polymer interlayer that holds the glass together if it shatters.

Another way to reduce outside noises is by planting trees or shrubs that block the sounds from your property, especially if they are close to sources of unwanted noise. Planting trees can also reduce air pollution and provide benefits for your health, such as lowering blood pressure and improving cognitive functioning.

Increased Home Value

Window installation provides a great way to enhance your home’s appearance. It can also increase the value of your house, especially if you choose to install impact-resistant windows. These windows are designed to withstand the effects of a hurricane. They can also protect your home’s contents and the people inside. They are a good option for homeowners who want to save money on energy bills.

Replacing your windows can be a major investment, and it’s important to do your homework before you make any changes to your home. You’ll need to find a contractor that you trust, and you should ask questions about their experience and pricing. You should also ask whether they have any other certifications or qualifications that you may need.

Many people believe that high-quality windows are only found in expensive stores, but this is not the case. You can find cheap Lakeland FL windows at home improvement and discount stores that offer the same benefits as more expensive options.

Elimination of Storm Windows

Double pane windows eliminate the need for storm windows, which are a major source of heat loss. They insulate homes from outside noises, extreme weather and the sun’s harsh rays. They also help lower homeowners’ insurance rates and utility bills.

They are designed to be energy efficient, with two layers of glass separated by an air space and a Low-E coating that reduces solar penetration. This helps your house to retain more heat, which reduces heating and cooling costs.

Double glazed windows can also be used to replace single-pane windows in existing homes. These retrofit double-glazing windows are able to provide energy efficiency by keeping the original frames and fittings while providing some of the benefits of insulated glazing.