Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows Lakeland FL

Bay windows are a beautiful choice for many homes. They can transform the look and feel of a room, and bring in natural light.

Choose a reputable Lakeland FL window replacement company that has a valid residential, glazing or general license. Also, check for u-factor and SHGC ratings to ensure your new window is energy efficient.

Adds Natural Light

Unlike a standard window, bay windows allow light to enter your home from three different angles and create the illusion of additional space. They work well in areas that need a lot of natural light, such as a foyer, breakfast nook or utility room.

They’re also great in bedrooms where a bay window is often used as a cozy reading nook. They can also transform a small bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

If you choose a bench-height bay window, the bench can double as storage space for blankets or shoes. You can also add a shelf below the bay window to display vases of flowers or vintage glass bottles.

While bay windows can make any room feel more spacious, they’re especially ideal for smaller homes with limited square footage. They can add a lot of visual appeal to your home and increase its value when you sell it. Energy-efficient bay windows are available with low u-factors and high solar heat gain co-efficients (SHGC). These options can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money on utilities over time.

Transforms the Look of Your Living Room

The angular nature of bay windows adds a unique look to any room. It can transform a living room into an impromptu reading nook, or even a dining space. The window can also be equipped with a bench or built with a shelf to provide a spot for decorations like vases and vintage glass bottles.

Because of their multiple openings, bay windows help improve airflow in a home. This is especially helpful for people who have asthma or other respiratory conditions that can worsen with airborne dust and particles.

Besides making your home more attractive, installing bay windows can also boost its value if you plan to sell it in the future. This is because potential buyers will appreciate the added functionality and style that the window brings to a room. It is also easy to customize the look by choosing different color options for the window and other features in the room. This helps you create a look that is unique and appealing to anyone.

Adds Additional Functional Space

A bay window can add a beautiful accent to any room in your home. They also provide a space for functional window seating. Adding a cozy window seat and pillows to the window creates the perfect spot for reading or sipping a cup of coffee. This solution works well in a bedroom, home office or child’s room.

When it comes to window treatments, a simple curtain can add drama to your bay windows. However, it is important to consider the amount of natural light you want in your home and if you want to block out sunlight from the street or your neighbor’s homes.

To maximize energy efficiency, make sure your replacement windows or new skylights are rated for your county’s climate zone and home type. Click on the tab below to find your county’s u-factor and SHGC rating. Use this information to select the best rated window for your Lakeland FL home. Then, contact a local window installation company to get started.

Adds an Alcove to Your Bedroom

In addition to more natural light, bay windows offer a unique view of the outside world. These larger windows can help homeowners unwind with the sights and sounds of nature without ever leaving their homes. Bird watchers can catch a glimpse of local wildlife and gardeners can enjoy the sweet smells of flowers in their outdoor spaces.

Some homeowners create a cozy breakfast nook around their bay windows, while others use this space to add a one-of-a-kind desk for their home office. The large surface area of these windows is also a great place to display a collection of plants and other decorative items.

When installed correctly, Bay windows also provide superior ventilation. They can help homeowners enjoy cool breezes on a hot summer day or usher out overpowering kitchen odors. To enjoy these benefits, homeowners should work with a local window installation professional. Enter your zip to find top-rated pros near you.