Buying Windows in Lakeland FL

Buying windows in Lakeland FL

When you’re buying windows in Lakeland FL, it’s important to know the price range of what you’re looking at. Only then can you figure out if the windows are what you want for your home.

The cost of windows will depend on size, style, and material. A professional can help you pick options that fit your preferences and budget.

1. Energy Efficiency

The sunny subtropical Florida weather brings year-round sunshine, but also powerful storms that can cause damage to homes. For that reason, your home needs the right kind of protection from high winds and flying debris. The best way to do that is by installing energy-efficient windows and doors in Lakeland FL.

The type of window that you choose will play a big part in your energy savings. A professional can help you make the best choice to fit your home’s design and architectural style. You should look for a frame material that suits your home’s architecture, and you can find different types of glazing options to make your window more efficient.

You should also keep in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. There are many affordable windows found in discount and home improvement stores that will provide you with the same level of efficiency as more expensive ones. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Durability

Lakeland is Florida’s fourth largest city but it has a small-town feel. It has beautiful lakes, cozy suburbs, and a vibrant downtown area with shops, restaurants, and fun things to do. It’s also only a 40-minute drive from Tampa and Orlando.

Florida’s subtropical climate brings year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, but it also produces strong storms that can cause damage to homes. To protect your home, choose impact-resistant windows that can withstand flying debris.

If you live in a hurricane zone, be sure to request code-compliant hurricane shields along with your replacement windows. The shields will help keep shattered glass from falling on you and your loved ones. The cost of installing these shields may be a bit higher than non-impact windows, but they are worth it for the safety and peace of mind that you will enjoy during stormy weather. Also, talk with each contractor about their labor and warranty costs. These are additional charges that could add up to a large portion of your total replacement window project.

3. Aesthetics

As an architectural feature, windows add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. You can choose from a variety of window styles to suit your taste and the design of your house. Some homeowners also install them to provide light and ventilation in their homes.

You can choose from different window frames made of wood, vinyl, aluminum or mixed materials. You can also find a wide range of glazing options. You can also opt for double or triple-glazed windows to reduce heat transfer and keep your home insulated.

Founded by Abraham Munn in 1885, Lakeland is the biggest city between Tampa and Orlando but not an overcrowded metropolis. Downtown’s Munn Park Historic District has antiques shops, specialty stores and restaurants, while Florida Southern College boasts the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. The college is also home to the Lake Mirror Park promenade and neoclassical Hollis Garden. There are also a number of public schools in Lakeland.

4. Security

Windows are crucial to your home’s structure, function and feel. They should never be neglected, but there are many steps to take to ensure that they are not only well-designed and functional but also safe for your family’s wellbeing.

When buying windows, look for a manufacturer that has an excellent reputation for quality products and a good warranty. A quality warranty should cover the cost of repair or replacement if something goes wrong with your windows. At Lee’s Glass & Window Works, we use PGT, Shwinco and CGI, three manufacturers that offer a variety of warranties for their products.

Buying impact-resistant windows can be an important safety measure, especially for property owners who live in areas considered to be High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). These types of windows meet the stringent requirements of Florida building codes and offer improved security against debris, flying objects or storm-driven pressure. They also allow for increased light, air and water ventilation.