Buying Windows in Lakeland FL

Choosing the right windows for your home can make all the difference. They affect everything from appearance to energy efficiency, so it’s important to understand your options.

Upgrading your windows is an affordable way to improve your home’s beauty and function. It can also save you money on your utility bills.


In addition to allowing you to see the outdoors and letting in natural light, windows help control the temperature inside your home. They also protect you from harmful UV rays and insulate the house against extreme heat. But old, outdated windows can increase utility bills and make your house less comfortable. Additionally, they may pose a security risk to your family.

The cost of new windows depends on the type of window you choose and the material used for the frame. Double-pane windows, for example, are more expensive than single-pane windows but offer several benefits. They insulate better and are less likely to be damaged by debris during hurricanes.

When choosing a window company, look for a licensed contractor that has extensive experience. A reputable company should have multiple locations and offer a wide range of products and warranty provisions. They should also be able to provide affordable quotes. Moreover, they should have a general, residential, or glazing license from the state construction industry licensing board.

Energy efficiency

The right replacement windows can dramatically cut your energy bills. They can also add value to your home. They can help you keep your home cooler and reduce harmful UV rays that can discolor furniture, carpets and walls.

Look for companies that offer energy efficient window options, and ask for a price comparison of the different types of windows you’re considering. Also, consider buying all of your new windows at one time instead of in increments. Many window retailers raise prices annually, and purchasing in bulk avoids these markups.

To save money, choose a company that has a general contractor’s license and a residential or glazing contractor’s license from the state Construction Industry Licensing Board. Also, choose a company that has an established reputation and provides references and testimonials from previous clients. They should also provide you with a written warranty. This is important for peace of mind. You should also read online reviews and check the Better Business Bureau’s rating to ensure that the company you choose is reliable.


A new window replacement can add significant value to a home’s interior comfort and curb appeal. It can also help reduce energy bills and make the house more comfortable. Besides that, it can increase the safety of the household from storms and hurricanes. However, it’s important to choose a company that provides quality windows and offers a warranty.

The aesthetics of a window are determined by the frame material, glass, and design. Some homeowners choose aluminum frames because of their affordability, durability, and low maintenance. But they are poor conductors of heat and do not insulate as well as wood or fiberglass frames.

In Florida, there are several window styles to choose from, including sliding and awning windows. You can also choose impact-rated windows to protect your property from debris. The right window style can blend both traditional and modern architectural elements. It is also best to select a company that offers double lifetime warranties.

Impact resistance

Hurricanes can cause massive damage to homes and buildings, and standard windows don’t protect against the flying debris that can cause structural damage. To protect against damage from high winds, you should consider installing impact windows in your home. These windows have strong frames and laminated glass that can withstand high wind speeds and keep out debris.

In addition to complying with Florida’s building codes, impact windows also offer several other benefits. They can reduce noise and save you money on energy bills. They also have a higher R-value than traditional windows, which means they are better at insulating your home.

The best way to know if your home has impact windows is to look for a series of small markings in the corners of the window. These markings identify the brand, thickness, certifications and ratings of the windows. They should also be marked for use in the Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). HVHZ areas require impact products that meet the state’s requirements for strength, stability and energy conservation.