Window Styles for Lakeland FL

Window styles Lakeland FL

Window styles can transform a home, inside and out. Choose from a wide variety of styles that meet energy efficiency requirements for Florida’s subtropical climate.

Look for a company with extensive experience. Ask for local references and reviews. Verify that a company has the proper licensing and insurance coverage for a project like this.


Featuring just one movable part — the bottom sash — single-hung windows offer added security and easy access for cleaning. They also seal tightly to keep out heat during Lakeland’s scorching summers and lock in warmth during chilly winters, making them one of the most energy-efficient window styles available.

Hung windows are a great option when space is limited, as they take up less room than sliding windows and allow the top of the window to tilt in for easier cleaning. They’re also a popular choice for those on a budget.


Hinged on the side and open with a crank, casement windows swing wide to create unobstructed views and optimal ventilation. This makes them one of the most energy-efficient house window styles available to homeowners today.

Modern aluminum windows offer sleek, streamlined aesthetics while offering the durability needed to withstand Florida’s harsh weather conditions. They are easy to maintain and can add a striking architectural accent to any home.

Ensure your new replacement windows meet Florida’s strict hurricane protection standards. Look for storm windows with a strong pressure rating and a high wind-speed resistance test.


Awnings are typically curved and cover the area in front of a window, adding both protection from sun rays and decorative flair. They can also help prevent indoor fabrics from fading.

Awning frames are usually made of iron plumbing pipe or another material sturdy enough for the job. Fabrics range from traditional cotton canvas to acrylic materials. Decorative extras like contrasting trim, scallops, keyhole valences and tassels can be added for visual interest.

Awning windows are ideal for residential and commercial use. They promote ventilation and offer enhanced security with their tight seals. They also protect against wind, rain, frost, snow and vandalism.


A bay window transforms rooms with a graceful architectural feature, boosting curb appeal and enhancing natural light. These windows can also provide additional seating space or double as a display area for cherished decor items.

This versatile window style combines classic window design with contemporary home improvement ideas to create a unique architectural feature. Typically comprised of a central large pane flanked by two smaller side windows, this window type infuses living spaces with ample natural light and scenic views.

A trusted local window installation expert can help you select the perfect bay window for your Lakeland home. They will take into consideration your aesthetic preferences and architectural style, ensuring that the results complement your home’s unique layout.


Bow windows are a popular window option that blends traditional and contemporary design. They add more space, great lighting and views, and increased home value.

They are a combination of four or more windows in an arc-shaped frame that extends out from your home’s walls. They can include casement or double-hung windows that open and offer ventilation options.

Bay and bow windows are a stunning addition to any home. They look beautiful on their own or can be combined with other windows in a more complex configuration. They can be used to create a reading nook, a bathtub alcove, or a window seat to enjoy the view.


Garden windows give your home a unique architectural feature and invite natural beauty into the indoors. These windows are commonly installed over kitchen sinks and have a ledge that can be used as a miniature greenhouse to grow plants or herbs.

These windows do not open but often have vents in the back to provide fresh air. They are available in many different styles from Milgard and can be custom crafted to match the design of your home.

These windows are energy efficient and come with double glazing and advanced insulation technologies. They’ll help you save money on energy costs and maintain a comfortable living environment all year round.


Window companies that specialize in garden windows and other unique types will have the expertise to help you select the best windows for your home. These professionals can also craft custom windows that will fit perfectly into nooks and other spaces in your house that might be difficult to work with because of the structure or shape. Look for window installation contractors that have a general, residential or glazing license from the state to ensure that they are qualified to perform the work you need. Also check out local window companies on Houzz to find the ones with the most experience and customer service ratings.