How to Choose the Right Bay Windows for Your Home

Bay windows Lakeland FL

Window installation is an important home improvement project that affects your home’s appearance and livability. If you choose the right window type, it can also boost your home’s energy efficiency and improve its security.

Look for a local window installation company with plenty of experience. Check that they hold a general, residential, or glazing license from the state Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows have a beautiful look and can create a tropical feel in your home. The slats of these louvered windows can open and close together, which allows for lots of natural light and air flow. However, they are not as energy-efficient as standard windows. They are also challenging to clean because there are so many nooks and crannies.

These windows have horizontal slats that are made of glass, aluminum or wood and can be opened at different angles. They are popular in warmer climates and often appear on porches and three-season rooms. They are a great option for homes that want to save money on energy costs.

The slats of jalousies can allow rain to fall in, and they aren’t as durable as other windows. If you choose to install them, check with local building and fire officials about egress standards and other safety requirements. Also, make sure the windows have the right u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for your county’s climate zone.

Round Windows

A round Florida bay window can transform a room’s look and add more space by creating an alcove for seating. This addition can also increase natural light in a room and create a calming atmosphere.

The most popular location for a new bay or bow window is in the kitchen, where it can be used to create a one-of-a-kind nook for reading by natural light or enjoying breakfast. It can also be installed to replace a solid wall, transforming the room into a more open space.

Choose a company that has a general, residential or glazing license in the state of Florida to ensure they can install your replacement windows and doors properly. The right contractor can make the process smooth and hassle-free, resulting in a high return on investment for your home. Use the table below to find your county’s climate zone, u-factor and SHGC rating to maximize energy savings with your new windows, skylights or doors.

Sliding Windows

If you have limited wall space or vertical height, sliding windows are a great choice. They are also easy to clean and operate, and their sleek design fits well in contemporary homes. They’re also a good option for rooms that need to be kept more airy and open, like kitchens or family areas.

Sliding windows are available with a variety of glass options to complement any home’s aesthetic. Clear glass offers an unobstructed view of the outdoors and lets in plenty of natural light, promoting a brighter living environment. On the other hand, frosted glass diffuses light and provides privacy without compromising visibility or functionality.

When shopping for replacement windows, it’s important to select a product that carries the best energy efficiency ratings. To make an informed decision, use the table below to find your county’s climate zone, u-factor, and SHGC rating. This information will help you choose the most efficient replacement windows, skylights, and doors for your Lakeland FL home.

Casement Windows

Bay windows offer homeowners a way to make their homes look more spacious, increase natural light, and add value. Aside from these benefits, they can also help improve a home’s energy efficiency. However, if a homeowner hires an inexperienced window company to install their new windows, they could end up with a costly and time-consuming problem.

Unlike bow windows, which can include up to six windows, bay windows typically contain two angled operable windows with a fixed inoperable window in between. They can also feature casement or double-hung windows for ventilation.

With a simple crank of the handle, you can open these windows to allow fresh air into your home. These windows can be a great addition to any Lakeland FL home, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas where you’d like more natural light and space. These windows can also create a unique nook for reading or enjoying your morning coffee. These windows can be made from wood, fiberglass or vinyl.