Door Installation Cost – Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

Door installation cost Lakeland FL

Door installation can be a complicated process. It involves a lot of time and labor to get it right. Whether your door needs repair or replacement, it is important to choose the best professionals for the job.

A quality door adds curb appeal, improves home security and offers meaningful energy savings. It also helps keep bugs out and moisture inside. It should be properly sealed to prevent drafts and air leaks.

The Door

The cost of a new door varies widely based on the materials and workmanship involved. Homeowners should consider hiring professionals rather than doing the work themselves, since the costs of buying and installing a new door can quickly add up. Professionals charge between $40 and $90 per hour to install a door.

Doors should look appealing and offer durable protection from the elements while providing meaningful insulation to keep energy bills low. If your exterior or interior doors are difficult to open and close; creak and squeak; let in air, daylight and moisture; crack, warp or become moldy; or have an out-of-date appearance, it is time to consider replacing them.

Morgan Exteriors offers a wide range of beautiful new door options for your home. Whether you want to upgrade your front door with French doors that add distinctive visual character or an energy efficient sliding glass option for the back of your home, we have it all.

The Frame

The frame is a key component of the door system, offering structural support and keeping the swing of the door in line with the floor. It also helps protect the interior from the elements and save energy costs. However, over time it may need repair or replacement. Homeowners can make minor repairs to their doors and frames, but a major repair or replacement usually involves significant carpentry work that is best left to the pros.

The first step in installing a new frame is to remove the shipping bar. Ensure that the frame numbers on the wall line match the drawing and that the hinge, strike and closer reinforcements are in place. Lay a spreader between the hinge and strike jambs at the floor. If using wood stud anchors, bend the ears tightly against the stud and evenly fill with mortar. Check the head of the frame for level accuracy and shim as needed. Then, install the base anchors.

The Hardware

Installing new doors or windows is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. It can also boost your home’s security and increase its energy efficiency. However, these renovations can be expensive, so it is important to budget carefully.

This estimate includes costs for basic work performed in serviceable conditions by qualified trade professionals using mid-grade materials. It does not include costs for non-standard work, options, upgrades, premium materials or project supervision. It also excludes sales tax and permit fees. Other potential charges that may apply are delivery, material preparation and cleanup, labor setup time and mobilization expenses.

The Contractor

Door installation can be a great way to improve curb appeal, boost security and increase home energy efficiency. However, it can be a big job and should only be done by professionals who have the right tools, knowledge and experience. Homeowners can save money by hiring an experienced contractor to install a new door for them.

Aside from the cost of the door itself, homeowners also need to consider fees and materials required for the project. These can include smart locks, wrought iron details and sidelights for the entryway. These customizations can drive up the overall cost of a door installation.

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